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Project Description
Utility to modify SGF (Smart Game Format) files.

Command Line Options

SGFConvert [options]
   -i:FILE   Specifies input file name, otherwise read from standard in
   -o:FILE   Specifies output file name, otherwise sent to standard out
   -b:n      Sets the default board size when the SZ property is missing
   -2g       Converts coordinate encodings to standard Go board coordinates
   -2s       Converts coordinate encodings to the official SGF format
   -rws      Removes all whitespace from the output
   -pretty   Formats the SGF to be more human readable

Known Bugs
  • Games other than Go are not fully supported. Do not use the -2g or -2s options on SGF files containing other game records.
  • Compressed points are not yet supported. Do not use the -2g or -2s options on SGF files containing compressed points.
  • Not really a bug but current implementation is memory intensive.
Please report bugs.

Compiling on Linux/Unix

If you have Mono install, the project can be compiled by executing the following script in the project directory:

The executable is placed in the \bin\mono directory.

Road Map
  • Reduce memory usage.
  • Support compressed points.
  • Merge multiple SGF files into one SGF file.
  • Conversion option from FF[3] to FF[4] format.
  • Conversion option to proposed FF[5] format.
  • Support other games besides Go.
  • Option to remove obsolete & invalid property types.
  • Option to add GM[] property.
  • Option to expand compressed points.
  • Option to remove all comments.

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